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A brief selection of designs currently popular. Other styles and finishes available on request.

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Avanti  Avanti
VW2.jpg (78367 bytes) White gloss vinyl foil AVC2.jpg (67495 bytes) Cappucino gloss vinyl 
Avanti Avanti
VB1.jpg (62483 bytes) Beige gloss vinyl foil VI3.jpg (68576 bytes) Ivory gloss vinyl foil
Baltic Maple Brio
Baltic Maple.jpg (40864 bytes) Solid Birch frame with veneered centre Brio000.jpg (66979 bytes) Cherry vinyl
Brio Burnham
Brio001.jpg (71498 bytes) Beech vinyl burnhamlarge.jpg (24507 bytes) Birch vinyl
Caprio Siena
Caprio1.jpg (41001 bytes) Cherry veneer CH CAFFE colour_LR.jpg (97112 bytes) Cafè gloss lacquered
Columbus Cragside
Columbus001.jpg (116197 bytes) Solid timber frame, veneered centre CragSide2_L.jpg (76258 bytes) Birch vinyl
Adelle Ellmau
Crown_adellelarge.jpg (23049 bytes) Cherry timber frame, veneered centre Ellmau0003.jpg (98294 bytes) Solid beech with veneered centre
Estelle Freestyle Grey
estellelarge.jpg (26639 bytes) Solid maple frame, veneered centre Free_Grey002.jpg (37540 bytes) Vinyl foil
Free Ivory Garrick
Free_Ivory005.jpg (40586 bytes) Vinyl foil garricklarge.jpg (24529 bytes) Solid oak frame and centre panel
Grafton Gullwing
graftonlarge.jpg (31087 bytes) Solid maple frame and veneered centre panel Gull_Calvados001.jpg (38441 bytes) Calvados vinyl foil
Gullwing Gullwing
Gull_Maple001.jpg (39955 bytes) Maple vinyl foil Gull_Oak1_L.jpg (96605 bytes) Oak vinyl foil
Gullwing Hanover
Gull_Vanilla_L.jpg (95153 bytes) Vanilla vinyl foil hanoverlarge.jpg (26735 bytes) Maple vinyl foil
Havana Havana
HavanaBirch1.jpg (72636 bytes) Birch vinyl foil HavanaOakO1.jpg (72132 bytes) Oak vinyl foil
Hi-Gloss Hilton
HiGloss0018.jpg (64695 bytes) Brilliant white gloss vinyl hiltonlarge.jpg (21655 bytes) Solid maple frame and centre panel
Kenton Linear pear
kentonlarge.jpg (21540 bytes) Solid beech frame with veneered centre panel Linear_Pear0005.jpg (68977 bytes) Pear vinyl foil
Lucido Lucido
LucidoBlackMain_LR.jpg (159583 bytes) Black gloss lacquered LucidoRedMain_LR.jpg (138342 bytes) Red gloss lacquered
Lucido Metro
LucidoWhiteMain_LR.jpg (81121 bytes) White gloss lacquered metrolarge.jpg (22941 bytes) Silk white vinyl foil
Metropolitan Moderna
Metropolitan0001.jpg (73607 bytes) Gloss maple vinyl foil Moderna_Cherry0003.jpg (84260 bytes) Cherry frame veneered centre
Newhaven Oakley
newhavenlarge.jpg (23689 bytes) White vinyl foil oakleylarge.jpg (24226 bytes) Solid oak frame with veneered centre panel
Opera Oslo
Opera0007.jpg (51516 bytes) Light beech vinyl foil oslolarge.jpg (18997 bytes) Oyster vinyl foil
Plaza Rialto
plazalarge.jpg (24807 bytes) White ash wood grain effect rialtoblacklarge.jpg (22705 bytes) Black gloss acrylic 
Rialto Rialto
rialtoburgundylarge.jpg (23960 bytes) Burgundy gloss acrylic rialtocappuccinolarge.jpg (23590 bytes) Cappucino gloss acrylic
Rialto Rialto
rialtooysterlarge.jpg (23946 bytes) Oyster gloss acrylic rialtoredlarge.jpg (25010 bytes) Red gloss acrylic
Rialto Rialto
rialtoskybluelarge.jpg (22396 bytes) Sky gloss acrylic rialtowhitelarge.jpg (23932 bytes) White gloss acrylic
Rialto Saponetta
rialtoyellowlarge.jpg (24557 bytes) Yellow gloss acrylic Saponetta008.jpg (81395 bytes) Gloss white foil
Scope Scope
Scope_Beechimg2.jpg (89598 bytes) Beech vinyl foil Scope_MontanaOak0012.jpg (68655 bytes) Montana oak vinyl foil
Scope Scope
ScopeCalvados0007.jpg (76140 bytes) Calvados vinyl foil ScopeMaple0017.jpg (184106 bytes) Maple vinyl foil
Stainless steel Strata
StainlessSteelMain_LR.jpg (168569 bytes) Stainless steel Strata003.jpg (67449 bytes) Beech veneer
Tavari Venice
TavariWalnut0013.jpg (66297 bytes) Solid walnut frame, veneered centre Tec_4.jpg (513199 bytes) Pear vinyl foil coloured centre panel
Siena Wild oak
AlumFrameDoorMain1_LR.jpg (160252 bytes) Gloss lacquered, choice of colours WildOak001.jpg (41242 bytes) Knotty oak vinyl foil
Angel Oak Angel Birch
AngelOak.gif (127866 bytes) Oak Shaker AngelBirch.gif (71750 bytes) Birch Shaker
American Walnut Scope Walnut
WN2_L.jpg (46283 bytes) Timber Door ScopeWalnut.jpg (63797 bytes) Foil Door
Eterno White Eterno Walnut
EternoWhite.jpg (71619 bytes) Vinyl Door EternoWalnut.jpg (71097 bytes) Vinyl Door
Riva Riva
RivaKitchen.jpg (65774 bytes) Birch Timber RivaDetail.jpg (125618 bytes) Centre Island

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