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A brief selection of designs currently popular. Other styles and finishes available on request.

Click the the thumbnail picture to enlarge.

Chantilly Como
chantillylarge.jpg (22242 bytes) White vinyl foil comolarge.jpg (17493 bytes) Solid oak frame, veneered centre
Cottage Boston
dis2.jpg (78453 bytes) Cream vinyl foil dis3.jpg (77398 bytes) Beech vinyl foil
Windsor Gothic
dis4.jpg (114014 bytes) Pear vinyl foil dis5.jpg (127774 bytes) Maple vinyl foil
Kendal Muirfield
kendallarge.jpg (24158 bytes) Oyster vinyl foil muirfieldlarge.jpg (34405 bytes) Maple vinyl foil
Panarea Valbonne
panarealarge.jpg (35572 bytes) Solid antique pine, waxed valbonnelarge.jpg (23210 bytes) Oyster vinyl foil
Venice Venice
Tec_1.jpg (472153 bytes) Pear foil Tec_3.jpg (301901 bytes) Washed oak foil
Tec_5.jpg (111151 bytes) Cherry foil

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