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Contract Furniture




We offer a free design and quotation service which includes an initial consultation to discuss your individual requirements.  

Appliance packages to suite every budget can be tailored to your specification and requirements.

Please note that all furniture options listed have a five year guarantee.

Kitchen Aspects Contract furniture

Specification - 18mm colour co-ordinated carcass available for delivery in either flat packed form or rigid construction. Supplied as standard with a Metabox drawer system which can be easily upgraded with a 'soft close' option. 

Full range of sized base cabinets from 150mm to 1200mm wide.

Choice of wall unit heights of medium (720mm) to high (900mm).

Ascot Aysgarth
ASCOT.jpg (249376 bytes) Cream Foil Shaker AYSGARTH.jpg (207419 bytes) Maple Foil Shaker
Baltimore Biarritz
BALTIMORE.jpg (226897 bytes) Walnut Foil Slab design BIARRITZ A3.jpg (191579 bytes) Cappucino Foil, Modern design
Brighstone Brookland
BRIGHSTONE.jpg (275825 bytes) Pearwood Foil Shaker BROOKLAND.jpg (286087 bytes) Pale Ivory Foil Country design
Burnham Calderdale
BURNHAM.jpg (305346 bytes) Oak Shaker, Solid frame veneered centre panel CALDERDALE.jpg (345077 bytes) Beech Foil Shaker
Champagne Cordoba
CHAMPAGNE.jpg (297900 bytes) Maple Shaker, Solid frame, veneered centre panel CORDOBA.jpg (186452 bytes) Cherry Foil, Modern design
Cranbrook Dovedale
CRANBROOK.jpg (269584 bytes) Calvados Foil, Flat door with bevelled edges DOVEDALE.jpg (229707 bytes) Maple Foil Shaker
Elgin Walnut Elgin White
ELGIN WALNUT.jpg (245065 bytes) Walnut Foil Traditional design ELGIN WHITE.jpg (227387 bytes) White Foil Traditional design
Estelle White Helsinki
ESTELLE WHITE.jpg (160667 bytes) Gloss White Foil, Modern design HELSINKI.jpg (234101 bytes) Satin White Foil, Modern design
Howarth Keswick
HOWARTH.jpg (359887 bytes) Cream Painted Foil, Traditional design KESWICK.jpg (350873 bytes) Pale Ivory Foil, Antique patina
Langdale Manhattan
LANGDALE.jpg (209902 bytes) Walnut Foil Shaker MANHATTAN2.jpg (272262 bytes) Ribbed Aluminium Foil, Modern design
Marseille Matisse Beige
MARSEILLE.jpg (161959 bytes) Oak Foil, Modern Design MATISSE BEIGE.jpg (168854 bytes) Gloss Beige Foil, Modern design
Matisse Cappucino Matisse Cream
MATISSE CAPPUCCINO.jpg (154083 bytes) Gloss Cappucino Foil, Modern design MATISSE CREAM.jpg (173115 bytes) Gloss Cream Foil, Modern design
Matisse White Milton
MATISSE WHITE.jpg (148516 bytes) Gloss White Foil, Modern design MILTON.jpg (222900 bytes) Maple Foil Saponetta design
Newhaven Nordic Birch
NEWHAVEN.jpg (283789 bytes) Oak Foil Shaker NORDIC BIRCH.jpg (232001 bytes) Birch Shake, Solid frame with veneered centre
Portland Rawcliff
PORTLAND.jpg (203062 bytes) Walnut Foil, Modern design RAWCLIFF.jpg (199445 bytes) Beech Foil Shaker
Sandringham Seville
Sandringham.jpg (213996 bytes) Pippy Oak Foil Shaker SEVILLE.jpg (187109 bytes) Cremona Oak Foil, Modern design
Swanage Vienna
SWANAGE.jpg (202420 bytes) Warm beech Foil, Pillow design VIENNA.jpg (180043 bytes) Cherry Foil, Modern design
Warwick Cream Warwick Maple
WARWICK CREAM.jpg (265001 bytes) Cream Foil, Flat door with vertical bevelled edges WARWICK MAPLE.jpg (235261 bytes) Maple Foil, Flat door with vertical bevelled edges
Warwick Natural Oak Westminster
WARWICK NATURAL OAK.jpg (273893 bytes) Oak Foil, Flat door with vertical bevelled edges Westminster.jpg (222396 bytes) Solid Oak, Traditional design
WINCHESTER.jpg (237614 bytes) Cream Foil, Traditional design

Impressions Budget Contract furniture

Specification - Choose from either a 15mm white carcass with replacement colour co-ordinated ends, or you can upgrade to an 18mm colour co-ordinated carcass for a little extra. Metabox drawer system as standard.

Wall units available in medium height (720mm) only. 

Littendale Rochelle
impressions2006 001.jpg (1009249 bytes) Beech Foil Shaker impressions2006 002.jpg (1120013 bytes) Maple Foil Saponetta design
Valletta Bordeaux
impressions2006 003.jpg (1072974 bytes) Beech Foil Pillow design impressions2006 004.jpg (328843 bytes) Beech Foil, Modern design
Bordeaux Bordeaux
impressions2006 005.jpg (304412 bytes) Maple Foil, Modern design impressions2006 006.jpg (352534 bytes) Oak Foil, Modern design
Lonsdale Normandy
impressions2006 007.jpg (985140 bytes) Maple Foil Shaker impressions2006 008.jpg (318583 bytes) Beech Foil Shaker
Normandy Ullswater
impressions2006 009.jpg (332269 bytes) Oak Foil Shaker impressions2006 010.jpg (1294821 bytes) White Foil, Traditional design
impressions2006 011.jpg (1350284 bytes) Oak frame, veneered centre panel, Traditional design


Apollo Bedroom & Bathroom Contract furniture

Bologna Bologna
impressions2006 015.jpg (1313333 bytes) White Foil, Saponetta design impressions2006 016.jpg (2350194 bytes) White Foil, Saponetta design
Como Como
impressions2006 017.jpg (2740446 bytes) Oak Foil, Saponetta design impressions2006 018.jpg (2442822 bytes) Oak Foil, Saponetta design
Genoa Messina
impressions2006 028.jpg (2577513 bytes) White Foil, Traditional design impressions2006 023.jpg (3037219 bytes) Pearwood Foil, Modern design
Milano Napoli
impressions2006 026.jpg (889070 bytes) Pearwood Foil, Traditional design impressions2006 027.jpg (1213203 bytes) Calvados Foil, Saponetta design
Parma Parma
impressions2006 028.jpg (2577513 bytes) Pearwood Foil, Saponetta design impressions2006 029.jpg (917464 bytes) Pearwood Foil, Saponetta design
Roma Venetzia
impressions2006 040.jpg (1063724 bytes) Calvados Foil, Traditional design impressions2006 045.jpg (890128 bytes) White Foil Shaker
Sorrento Sorrento
impressions2006 042.jpg (2013113 bytes) White High Gloss Foil, Saponetta design impressions2006 043.jpg (4007350 bytes) White High Gloss Foil, Saponetta design

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